On Sunday July 24th my mother and I made the trek downtown to visit the 7th annual T&T Waterfront Night Market. I can safely say that I will go back next year. Within a (relatively) small place were tons of booths selling different types of Asian food – some of which I had never seen (or tried) before.

The amount of delicious food on display made it almost impossible to decide what to try first, but we started with the Tornado fries (basically a fried potato curled onto a stick). It was a popular choice as many booths were selling it with a variety of toppings available.

Then we had popcorn chicken, corn on the cob and steamed buns, but were tempted by a lot more…

When we were full – and tired – we joined the crowds and watched a hip hop dance competition and fire-juggling busker for entertainment.

Get more details  about the 2016 event. And don’t miss it next year.